Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Painting Table Tuesday

This week on Painting Table Tuesdays, a little from column A and a little from column B.

First up, a return to my beloved Retribution mage hunter strike force (Privateer Press).  Still finishing up the base coats.  Generally, I paint models individually.  MHSF models are covered in fine details (chain, leather, and plate armor, two kinds of cloth, buckles, wooden crossbows, metallic swords, faces, and hair.  Quite a lot of fine work.  To save paint and (try to) maintain consistency, it seemed time to try an assembly line.  So far, I can say it is unsatisfying to still have eleven unfinished models, but very satisfying to see them coming together.

Also starting an Oniwaban (Corvus Belli) master ninja for my Yu Jing campaign army.  The studio models use a beautiful black-on-black and neon green scheme, but I wanted him to match my existing red/white, black, and olive drab army.  Just base coating and one level of highlight on the hakama so far.

The background serendipitously captures the rest of my hobby state: Kaelyssa, an incomplete Raven Guard cyclone terminator, unattached Knights exemplar errant seneschal flags, and a Gūijiǎ TAG, also for my Infinity army.  Maybe you'll see them next week on Painting Table Tuesday!

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  1. I always like to paint one model to completion to make sure I like the scheme. After that the other 9 or so models become a production line. Yes, it's a bit painful at the start but as you get farther on, it gives models time to dry while you move on to others and the end result of a whole unit being finished makes it worth while.