Saturday, May 11, 2013

Infinity Batrep: Haqq'islam vs. Japanese Sectorial

Chad has been vacuumed into the increasingly powerful Infinity phenomenon, picking up a small Haqq'islam force.  We played back on 12 December, 2012 and I recorded our lists, and the briefest outline of our game.  Calling it a BatRep is entirely unwarranted.

Haqq'islam: 197/200, 2.5/4 SWC, 7 orders
Saladin (combi rifle, nanopulser, lieutenant) 37
Ghulam Doctor (rifle) 17
Hassassin Lasiq (viral rifle, light shotgun) 26
Hassassin Lasiq (viral sniper rifle) 29/1.5
Naffatun (rifle, heavy flamethrower) 12
Odalisque (spitfire) 31/1
Jannisary (AP rifle, light shotgun) 45

And I took a simple Japanese sectorial army built on link teams and the frenzy mechanic.

Japanese Sectorial: 199/200 points, 4/4 SWC, 8 orders
Keisotsu Butai (combi rifle/lieutenant) 9/2
Keisotsu Butai (combi rifle/light grenade launcher) 14/0.5
Keisotsu Butai (combi rifle) 9
Keisotsu Butai (combi rifle) 9
Ninja (multi sniper) 50/1.5
3x Domaru Butai (boarding shotgun, AP CCW) 36x3

Saladin was able to stave off the ninja by blasting him through the terrain with a nanopulser.  Lasiqs were picked off early by AROs as they tried to climb terrain into advantageous spots.  On the other side of the board, the janissary and odalisque took advantage of a long fire lane to pin down and slowly eliminate my entire army.  Keisotsu simple could not deal with medium and heavy armor in cover at range.  I unfortunately was unable to test drive the domaru link team, as one fell early while advancing to odalisque ARO.  Must remember to try this again.

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