Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Painting Table Tuesday

This week on Painting Table Tuesdays, a little from column A and a little from column B.

First up, a return to my beloved Retribution mage hunter strike force (Privateer Press).  Still finishing up the base coats.  Generally, I paint models individually.  MHSF models are covered in fine details (chain, leather, and plate armor, two kinds of cloth, buckles, wooden crossbows, metallic swords, faces, and hair.  Quite a lot of fine work.  To save paint and (try to) maintain consistency, it seemed time to try an assembly line.  So far, I can say it is unsatisfying to still have eleven unfinished models, but very satisfying to see them coming together.

Also starting an Oniwaban (Corvus Belli) master ninja for my Yu Jing campaign army.  The studio models use a beautiful black-on-black and neon green scheme, but I wanted him to match my existing red/white, black, and olive drab army.  Just base coating and one level of highlight on the hakama so far.

The background serendipitously captures the rest of my hobby state: Kaelyssa, an incomplete Raven Guard cyclone terminator, unattached Knights exemplar errant seneschal flags, and a Gūijiǎ TAG, also for my Infinity army.  Maybe you'll see them next week on Painting Table Tuesday!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Warmachine Batrep: Borka vs Rahn

Our club wrapped up its Umbra league a few weeks back and I was able to catch a quick game.  Turned out to be a fairly one-sided match versus Monte and the infamous Borka Kegslayer, Most Difficult Warlock To Kill In The Whole Game.  Or, at least I think that's his title.  Seeing him, I insisted on scenario.

Borka Kegslayer and "Kenny"

Borka Kegslayer
- Pyg keg carrier ("Kenny")
- Dire troll mauler
- Troll axer
- Troll impaler
- Swamp troll
Fell caller hero
Trollkin fennblades (full+UA)
Troll whelps
(note: List is 39/40 points due to not enough models)

... versus ...

Adeptus Rahn Shyeel
- Phoenix
- Phoenix
Dawnguard sentinels (min+UA+soulless)
House Shyeel battle mages
House Shyeel battle mages

Monte deployed his entire collection of trolls.  I am not any kind of expert on trolls, but I suspect this may not have been Borka's finest list.  Borka an the beasts deployed in a clump slightly left of center and the fennblades and posse deployed right of center so the groups were about a foot apart.

Rahn's feat was devastating, allowing Rahn and the battlemages to pull all four warbeasts close enough for phoenix and sentinel charges, who were then controlling the central and left-most objectives.  The fennblades spent several turns trying to crunch through battlemages to get to Rahn -- and they would have -- but Retribution had won on scenario before then.

Not one attack was made against Borka.

Infinity Batrep: Haqq'islam vs. Japanese Sectorial

Chad has been vacuumed into the increasingly powerful Infinity phenomenon, picking up a small Haqq'islam force.  We played back on 12 December, 2012 and I recorded our lists, and the briefest outline of our game.  Calling it a BatRep is entirely unwarranted.

Haqq'islam: 197/200, 2.5/4 SWC, 7 orders
Saladin (combi rifle, nanopulser, lieutenant) 37
Ghulam Doctor (rifle) 17
Hassassin Lasiq (viral rifle, light shotgun) 26
Hassassin Lasiq (viral sniper rifle) 29/1.5
Naffatun (rifle, heavy flamethrower) 12
Odalisque (spitfire) 31/1
Jannisary (AP rifle, light shotgun) 45

And I took a simple Japanese sectorial army built on link teams and the frenzy mechanic.

Japanese Sectorial: 199/200 points, 4/4 SWC, 8 orders
Keisotsu Butai (combi rifle/lieutenant) 9/2
Keisotsu Butai (combi rifle/light grenade launcher) 14/0.5
Keisotsu Butai (combi rifle) 9
Keisotsu Butai (combi rifle) 9
Ninja (multi sniper) 50/1.5
3x Domaru Butai (boarding shotgun, AP CCW) 36x3

Saladin was able to stave off the ninja by blasting him through the terrain with a nanopulser.  Lasiqs were picked off early by AROs as they tried to climb terrain into advantageous spots.  On the other side of the board, the janissary and odalisque took advantage of a long fire lane to pin down and slowly eliminate my entire army.  Keisotsu simple could not deal with medium and heavy armor in cover at range.  I unfortunately was unable to test drive the domaru link team, as one fell early while advancing to odalisque ARO.  Must remember to try this again.

Invasion of the MDF terrain!

Getting closer to a proper 4x4 table of terrain.  A couple more buildings, some trucks, and some consoles should finish it — and something to cover the teal tablecloth.  This table is built with Micro Art Studios District 5 apartment buildings and towersWarsen.al large shipping containers (and a torii archway); Pegasus Hobbies pre-painted sandbag and loose stone walls; and an orphaned AT-43 vehicle.

Which side would you pick?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

KingdomCon 2013

The alarm went off at 6:00 AM.  Darkness.  Phone.  Shower.  Clothes.  Caffeine?  Yes.  Warmachine army, Infinity army, other Infinity army, terrain box.  PB&J.  Caffeine again?  Yes.  Money?  Yes!  Still dark outside.  Kiss the family g'bye.  Drive.  It's gaming convention day!