Thursday, September 22, 2011


Mmm, new brushes. Niiice brushes.  Every painting tutorial I've watched speaks highly of the natural-hair Kolinsky brushes.  Art Supply Warehouse conveniently carries these at a reasonable price.  These should help control the thinned paints and allow me to start on the gems and eyes.

Only the Finest Sable

Nearly the entire army is primed.  Here are the solos and halberdiers drying between coats.  I found that putting six to ten guys on one paint stick allowed me to go pretty quickly and waste very little primer.

Priming the troops

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Warcaster/Warlock Names

In preparation for the upcoming Domination book and the arrival of "double-epic" warlocks, I've converted the site to the official naming scheme.  Warcasters and warlocks are referenced by their full name where appropriate.  Tags use the indexed suffix form like "Ravyn2" – hey, a guy can hope!

Into Every Life a Little Paint Must Fall

Out club has recently taken up a Journeyman League, which is a slow-growth Battle-box based painting and playing hybrid league.  It's a peer pressure perfect opportunity for beginners to get into the hobby and for pewter-pushing generals to get some paint on the board.

Years and years ago I used to paint – mostly 1:72 scale aircraft models, but also model rockets and some BattleTech miniatures.  Over three years in this hobby and I haven't once put brush to mini.  My excuses seemed reasonable: small children in the house don't mix with mineral spirits and paint thinner and I'd prefer to spend unallocated with the kids.  But, social competition is compelling, so I did some research.  And – Great googly moogly!  The paints are acrylic now!  No more bowls of liquid petroleum.  And, frankly, I'm tired of being that guy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Steamroller, Round 1

First mission was Destruction, where each army must destroy two 50mm twenty damage bases. Lost a quick game to Steve's Thagrosh the Messiah list, which stormed the objectives faster than I could handle.

Thagrosh the Messiah
- Scythean
- Carnivean
- Raek
Spawning Vessel (full)
Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (full)

Tournament Preparation

9:45. The crew has been chugging away this morning. We have seven tables ready to go.

Trophies are here, too.